22 sept. 2010

Android according to Oracle, PlayStation and Gartner

In recent days we have had some indications that very clearly mark the growing importance of Android:
  • The rumor of the imminent launch of the PlayStation Phone from Sony Ericsson, powered by Android 3 (Gingerbread). This would be a boost to Android as a gaming platform. We should wait because it is not the first time something similar is rumored. The fact is Sony has tried to enter a downloadable model for games, and its PSPgo has not worked very well. Perhaps this second bet would make more sense, providing much more value: in the same device you may find a smartphone and a last generation handheld.
  • More serious is Oracle's lawsuit against Google about Android and its alleged patent infringements of Java. We have to remember that Oracle bought Sun last April, so it now owns Java. Android is based on Java. This case may have many implications and creates uncertainty, which we hope may be resolved quickly. Google probably will have to put some money to dissolve the problem.

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