20 nov. 2010

AdMob revenues: OK but, what about in-app-purchases on Android?

Yesterday we read this post by Sean Kauppinen with links to some very interesting infos and data about ARPUs for social games. We have looked for info about revenues for developers within the Android market but we have not find many things, apart from isolated data by fellow developers.

Apart from the price of the title, the main revenue source is advertising. And the option for that is (of course) including AdMob. What to expect? Google said recently it is a market 1 billion worth in 2010. But, what about the developers point of view?

In this post, Omar Pera (thank you for sharing) says they are doing with AdMob aprox. 50 dollars per day with three Android games that have been downloaded 200K times and have 100K active users. On a personal meeting with a pal in Madrid, he told us he is achieving aprox. 6-8 dollars a day with a game with 40K downloads. So you may expect that with every 4K downloads, you may reach aprox. one dollar a day, isn´t it right? Well, at least we have a starting point.

Is this enough for developers? We think it is some kind of "minimum", at least. But to really boost the market, other things should be done. It is interesting to highlight the enormous importance of in-app-purchases per revenues. As this report by Flurry states:

In-app-purchases (red) is the real money. But Android only let its fellow developers the blue part. Please Google, implement in-app-purchases for Android ASAP.

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